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KIVA: Loans That Change Lives


Today I made my second contribution to KIVA, a wonderful organization that helps people in need. Here’s how it works:

All over the world there are microfinance institutions (called “Field Partners”) that assist KIVA by making loans to people who need assistance. A Field Partner who knows its local area well receives my $25 loan from Kiva and disburses it to a borrower with a worthy project that has been vetted by a team of Kiva volunteer editors and translators. The borrower’s story is then posted on, where today I read about and selected my second recipient.

Dahlia, a Florida resident, runs a daycare for the elderly. My $25 loan (along with many others) will enable Dahlia to purchase a van for transporting her clients on visits and trips. Once she repays the loan to the Field Partner, it will be returned to my Kiva account to be either loaned out again or, if I prefer, returned to me as a credit to my PayPal account. Seventy per cent of first-time lenders opt to make a second loan.

My first Kiva loan went from Georgia, USA, to a young woman in Georgia, Russia. She repaid her loan promptly according to the agreed upon schedule, and I was immediately informed that my funds were available for return or reloan.

Kiva provides a painless way to make a difference in the world, and it feels really good to know I helped to change someone’s life for the better!

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