Savannah’s Little Crooked Houses

Savannah's Little Crooked Houses: If These Walls Could Talk, by Susan B. JohnsonSavannah’s Little Crooked Houses: If These Walls Could Talk

by Susan B. Johnson
Paperback, non-fiction- February 2007
Arcadia Publishing; ISBN 978-1596292260

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In a warm, accessible style, author Susan B. Johnson gives voice to the walls of ten of Savannah, Georgia’s architectural treasures—tiny cottages built before the Civil War—and examines the lives of the families who called them home.

Who built them? Who lived in their 1200 (or fewer) square feet of space? And what sort of world did they see when they gazed out their windows?

Who, for example, can resist the story of Dr. Samuel Furman who married sisters, first Lucy and then Henrietta Williams? Or the sad tale of Edward and Jane Harden, who both died of yellow fever in 1804—he on her birthday, she on his—leaving their children in the care of family slaves? Or the mystery of lively and conniving Eliza Howell, whose three husbands all died under the same mysterious circumstances?

This meticulously researched book answers all these questions—and more.




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Reader Responses

“I enjoyed Savannah’s Little Crooked Houses: If These Walls Could Talk much more than I thought I would. By telling the stories of relatively average Savannah residents over the last 200 years, the author told so much of the area’s history too. Every reader has a much better appreciation for what life was really like during that period, especially with regard to sickness and disease. I can only imagine the hours of research that went into her effort.” — Bob Gordon, (Crestline, CA)

A wonderful and well-researched addition to the lore and history of Savannah, and especially meaningful to me — I lived in one of these little crooked houses! Imagine my delight to read about its previous inhabitants. -By Jody Schiesser (Savannah, GA)

I bought this book to share with my family the second time we actually stayed at the house on the cover of the book (it was a perfect Christmas gift)and it was a hit! The author, Susan Johnson, wandered by on the day we were leaving so I even got her to sign our copy of the book in exchange she got to tour the little house. We enjoyed knowing the history of the place we were staying and of all those little houses you see in Savannah. She should sell lots more copies since every 5 minutes that we stayed there tourists were stopping to take photos! Get the book, know the real stories behind these homes-not just what the trolley tours make up about them! – Dee “Savannah Lover” (PA)