An excerpt from Spirit Willing: A Savannah Haunting 

By Susan B. Johnson
Hard cover – June, 2007
Bonaventture Books; ISBN 10:0-9724224-6-3; ISBN 13; 978-0-9724224-6-8



Olivia decided to spend a few private moments by Carter’s grave. It was easy enough to find. How beautiful the statue of the “Melancholy Angel” was—just as lovely as the day twenty-nine years ago when she began her vigil. Only now mosses and lichen adorned the angel’s hair and her dress in delicate shades of rust and green. The figure stood atop a marble base with a simple inscription:




She supposed she should have brought flowers, but somehow doing so seemed redundant. Carter had died on just such an April day as this, a highly inappropriate season for mourning. Now, as then, the old cemetery was lush with the new green of spring, its quiet avenues festive with white, red, and salmon azaleas. Spring beauties carpeted the copses, and nearby, wisteria spiraled up a dogwood, complementing its lace. She agreed with an exuberant mockingbird trilling overhead—the day was much too “vivibund” (as Cyrus would say) for entertaining somber thoughts. So she had wandered away to the riverbank to sit and watch the Wilmington River wending its way to the Atlantic.